Thursday, August 13, 2009

Charm Pack Bags by Emily Magleby

Nothing makes my day like seeing what one of our customers created from fabric we sold. Our new fabric friend Emily Magleby made a few amazing bags from charm packs. The top bag is from the Anna Maria Horner line GoodFolks and the bag below is from the Erin McMorris line Wildwood.

A charm pack is a set of pre-cut squares that are 5" x 5". The set includes two squares from every fabric in the line. We sell them for both Good Folks and Wildwood for $10 each. If you're interested, go to our Etsy site and send us a message and we'll set up listing for your purchase. Or you can always email us:

Thanks to Emily for sending in the pics! We would love to see what you've created too. Please email photos of your projects and we'll feature you on the blog.


  1. I love these bags. I just recently made a quilt out of 2 of your jelly rolls. I love it. Your fabrics are adorable.

  2. These bags are just sooo cute!!
    Love the fabrics and design

  3. I saw one of those bags at the Women's Expo and Love, Love, Love it! Emily, how about sharing your pattern?